Special & Premier Selections
Albany Special Chicken / Lamb £8.00 / £8.50
Cooked with fenugreek leaves, egg, green pepper and tomatoes
Butter Chicken
Chicken marinated and cooked with a hint coconut, almond, butter & mild spice.
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Masala £8.00 / £8.50
Barbecued chicken or lamb in a medium creamy sauce made of almonds and coconut, exotically flavoured.
Tandoori King Prawn Masala
Barbecued king prawns cooked in mild creamy sauce of almonds and coconuts, exotically flavoured.
Garlic Chilli Chicken / Lamb £8.00 / £8.50
Marinated chicken or lamb tikka cooked with fresh green chilli & garlic in thick sauce, fairly hot.
Chicken or Lamb Chilli Masala £8.00 / £8.50
Hot and cooked with chefs special chilli pickle and assorted spices.
Jalfrezi Chicken /Lamb £8.00 / £8.50
Marinated hot chicken or lamb cooked with fresh green chilli, green peppers, onion and garlic in thick sauce.
Pasanda Chicken / Lamb £8.50 / £8.90
Cooked with rich sauce and fresh cream, mild
Rezella Chicken /Lamb £8.00 / £8.50
Fairly hot chicken or lamb cooked with mince lamb
Zeera Chicken
Medium spiced, includes cumin seed and special herbs and spices.
Achari Chicken /Lamb £8.00 / £8.50
An authentic medium spiced and tangy preparation of curry, flavoured with spicy mango pickle & tomato.
Naga Chicken / Lamb £7.50 / £8.00
Very hot and fragrant, cooked with Bangladeshi Naga Chilli.
Shathkora Chicken / Lamb £8.00 / £8.50
Medium hot, sharp tangy taste, highly flavoured, cooked with citrus fruit from Bangladesh.
Albany Tandoori Masala
Tandoori chicken off the bone, pieces of chicken and lamb tikka, sheek kebab cooked in special creamy masala sauce
Peshwari Chicken or Lamb £8.00 / £8.50
Fairly hot, specially prepared tandoori sauce, flavoured with a touch of fresh garlic, cooked with pieces of onions, green pepper and tomato.
Murgh Masala
Medium spiced barbecued boneless chicken with minced lamb cooked with fresh herbs and spices
Keema Peas or Aloo
Medium spiced minced lamb cooked with fresh herbs and spices.
Lemon Chicken
Spicy dish cooked with fresh lemon zest and hint of lemon juice, also with green pepper, tomatoes and fresh herbs.
Ginger Chicken
Medium spiced cooked with ginger, fresh herbs and spices.
Jhingha Paneer
Fairly hot cooked with shelled king prawns and cheese in a home made herbs and spices also includes green chillies.
Chilli Paneer
Hot and tasty cheese cooked with fresh chilli, herbs and spices.
Royal Chicken or Lamb £8.00 / £8.50
The connoisseurs choice, a very tasty dish cooked in rich flavorsome sauce made of almonds, coconut and mango